ESA mission advisory group members

Dr. Martin Schlerf - Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission (CHIME)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Udelhoven - Land Surface Temperature Monitoring (LSTM)

Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher  - Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX)


Meteorology for Earth Observation and Climate (MetEOC4) is a collaborative project of the Remote Sensing Laboratories or University of Zurich, Switzerland (UZH) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the United Kingdom funded within EMPIR.


BioVIM: Monitoring of pests and development of eco-friendly crop protection strategies in viticulture.

Dr. Marco Beyer's project funded by Luxembourg government.


PhenomEn: Phenological monitoring to assess Environmental impacts on Swiss agriculture.

Dr. Helge Aasen's project within SNF COST 2020 call, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


European ECOSTRESS HUB (EEH): Land Surface Temperature and Evapotranspiration Products for Europe and Africa in a Cloud User Interface.

Dr. Kaniska Mallick's international project within Earth Observation Envelop Programme (EOEP5), Luxembourg.


Deep4Vit: Using multi-sensor remote sensing data and deep learning methods to disentangle causes of forest vitality loss.

Dr. Martin Schlerf's project funded by National Research Fund (FNR) or Luxembourg.


ValGEOS: In-field calibration validation to improve ground support spectral measurements for current and future Earth Observation systems.

Dr. Laura Mihai's project of National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR), Romania.


Automated Radiative Transfer Models Operator (ARTMO) toolbox is an initiative of Dr. Jochem Verrelst, which eases the usage of Atmospheric and Vegetation radiative transfer models.

GitHub of SENSECO COST action 17134 organization

Codes of related projects are available at SENSECO COST action 17134 organization

The updates are availalbe through #github-senseco-cost channel

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