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The COST Action "Optical synergies for spatiotemporal SENsing of Scalable ECOphysiological traits" (SENSECO) brings scientists together in the working domain of optical Earth Observation (EO) measurements of vegetated ecosystems at various spatial and temporal scales, enabling synergistic multi-sensor use and transferability between European research groups. Learn more about SENSECO and follow us on Twitter !


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European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST)

SENSECO is a project launched in the framework of the COST Action CA17134. COST Actions are open spaces for researchers to collaborate and move science forward from a bottom-up perspective. 

SENSECO builds on the work done in previous international initiatives (SPECNET, BIOSPEC, COST Action ES0903 EUROSPEC, and COST Action ES1309 OPTIMISE), which explored the use of proximal optical sensing of ecosystems.

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Timeline & Working Groups

SENSECO is running from October 2018 until October 2022 and is structured into four Working Groups:

WG1: Closing the scaling gap: from leaf measurements to satellite images

WG2: Closing the temporal gap: from daily observations to seasonal trends

WG3: Realizing synergy between passive EO spectral domains

WG4: Establishing data quality through traceability and uncertainty


Are you willing to join SENSECO (COST Action CA17134)? Visit the SENSECO dedicated page.

The COST Action also provides networking opportunities (workshop & events, training schools, STSMs). 

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